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страшнее тишина
Afraid of the house, stay the night with the sinners
Afraid of the house, 'cause they're desperate to entertain

@музыка: the National - England

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страшнее тишина
I can feel your pain and i feel airight bout it

@музыка: Cloud Nothings – Now Hear In

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страшнее тишина
drown in decay

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страшнее тишина
Tommy says when I was 16
All that I wanted was bright and clean
Now that I know what it's like to have sex
I wanna see something that I've never seen

Don't be the one who writes love songs for pretty girls
Insensitive smokers with cigarette eyes
Keep chasing hopelessness, tom-boys are dangerous
And it shows in your

Tommy says that Portland is great
Half the cool girls, yeah they look the same
Oh yeah Tommy? What do these other ones look like?
They look like the cool boys, but they're the ones that I crave goddamnit

Your style, your smile

@музыка: japanther - the dirge

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страшнее тишина
Yeah but nobody searches
And nobody cares somehow

@музыка: Interpol Slow Hands

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страшнее тишина
I lock the doors, and
Swallow the key
And draw the curtains, closed forever
Patrick Wolf

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страшнее тишина
Pain and misery always hit the spot.Knowing you can't lose what you haven't got
DM - Lilian

Dance, dance, dance, if you got no love around you
The Kills - DNA

When I'm feeling lazy, it's probably because, I'm saving all my energy to pick up when you move into my airspace
Interpol - Say hello to the angels

You call yourself a killer but the only thing that you're killing is your time
Pete Doherty - lots art of murdure

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страшнее тишина
satisfaction feels like a distant memory

@музыка: Arctick Monkeys - R U Mine?

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страшнее тишина
you don’t have my number
and we don’t need each other now
you can’t steal my thunder
you don’t have my lover’s touch

you don’t have my number
i don’t need your love now
i don’t need the city streets

@музыка: Foals - My number

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.melting on the couch